UNDER OATH: The house was sold without notice. NSM is lying about being owed a debt. Jimijack’s deed is void.

DECL: Nona Tobin 9/23/16

supporting motion to intervene on Nationstar vs. Opportunity Homes to void the unfair HOA sale, and to put on the record that Nationstar was lying about owning the Hansen deed of trust and Jimijack had a fraudulent deed

DECL: Nona Tobin 3/5/19

opposing Sun City Anthem motion for Summary Judgment as the HOA was relying on the fraudulent records of the debt collector rather than requiring that it agents obey the law

DECL: Nona Tobin 3/14/19

AG Complaint 2-2019 opposing Nationstar lying about being owed $389,000 from the Hansen promissory note

LINKS: Nona Tobin 3/14/19 DECL Exhibits

to the AG complaint attempting to expose the fraudulent actions of opposing parties

LINKS: Nona Tobin 11/10/20 Exhibits to AG complaint vs. Nationstar Mortgage LLC and accomplices

DECL: Nona Tobin 4/20/19

in support of motion to reconsider granting the HOA’s motion for summary judgment

DECL: Nona Tobin 6/21/19 TOC

DECL: Nona Tobin 6/21/19

in support of motion to intervene after being removed as a party two-days before the trial to get title returned after Sun City Anthem’s debt collector sold it without notice or cause & kept the proceeds of the sale

DECL: Nona Tobin 4/10/19

STANDARDS FOR IMPOSING LAWYER SANCTIONS opposing a fraudulent side deal by Jimijack who didn’t have a valid deed and Nationstar who was lying about being owed a debt

DECL: Nona Tobin 4/17/19 TOC Exhibits

DECL: Nona Tobin 4/17/19

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