DEFENDANT: Joel A. Stokes, an Individual

Joel A. Stokes, an individual, laid claim to the title by a 5/1/19 deed that he and his wife transferred to him in order to cover up that Jimijack’s deed was invalid.

was void as Jimijack had no valid interest to transfer. Joel Stokes’ deed was recorded the day after the Stokes were served GBH Trust’s/Tobin’s 4/30/19 NOLP. 

Jimijack had no valid title to transfer to Joel Stokes

Joel Stokes’s actions were for the fraudulent purpose of stealing the house from Nona Tobin

Joel Stokes encumbered the property with a $355,000 DOT from Civic Financial Services while the disputed Hansen DOT and the Tobin/GBH Trust 5/6/19 LISP were on the record.

Joel Stokes DOT was misrepresented to the Court as a “settlement” between NSM and Jimijack 

Joel Stokes recorded he held Jimijack’s title on 5/1/19, five weeks before the 6/5/19 trial in case A-15-720032-C that was to determine the title dispute between Jimijack & GBH Trust.

Joel Stokes recorded multiple assignments of his Civic Financial $355,000 DOT to cloud the title and confuse the court

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