DEFENDANTS: Brian & Debora Chiesi and Quicken Loans

Defendants Chiesi and Quicken Loans are experienced with real estate transactions so their behavior in this case is inexplicable.

If they were completely innocent and unaware of the fraud perpetrated by Nationstar and Joel Stokes, they would have handled this dispute as a claim against the title insurance. Instead, they attacked me as if I were the villain and not the victim.

Lis Pendens on Record

  1. 8/14/19 LISP, document number 20190814-000 recorded for Nona Tobin, an individual, and as trustee of Nevada Supreme Court case number 79295, the case they were being sued under
  2. 8/14/19 LISP recorded for Nona Tobin, an individual, case number A-19-799890-C, the case they were being sued under

Their Court Filings show a pattern of deceit that very reminiscent of Nationstar and Jimijack

  1. They were served with my first amended complaint on 6/6/20.
  2. Instead of filing an opposition to the complaint, on 2/6/20, they filed a joinder to Red Rock’s motion to dismiss on the grounds of claims preclusion. In this joinder, they asserted without knowledge or support, given that they were not parties to the prior proceedings, that my claims had already been fairly heard on their merits. They also request $12,000 attorney fees “to deter Tobin from her ongoing pattern of vexatious litigation“, a baseless allegation. In this joinder, they make very selective quotes from the court record, so selective that it is hard not to believe that they were not very much aware of the fraud and did not have title insurance to fall back on if my claims were actually heard. They bizarrely claimed to being “in privity” with Jimijack. by virtue of party Jimijack deeding the property to Joel Stokes on 5/1/19, five weeks before the trial, to determine the Gordon B. Hansen Trust’s claims against Jimijack.
  1. They also filed on 7/6/20, a Request for Judicial Notice of 10 recorded documents, nine of which were deeds, and the tenth of which was the Quicken deed of trust executed by Brian & Deborah Chiesi on 12/26/19.The inclusion of their own 12/27/19 deed and deed of trust, and the exclusion of the disputed Hansen deed of trust or the disputed 5/23/19 Joel Stokes deed of trust (that was not released until 2/6/20, encumbering the property for more than a month after the Quicken-Chiesi escrow closed, or either of the Lis Pendens recorded on 8/14/19(links above) or the three other Lis Pendens, recorded on 1/13/16, on 6/7/16 and on 5/6/19, is highly suspect for anyone, let alone people of their level of experience.
  2. The seven other documents for judicial notice were three of my four cross- and counter-claims, but neither Plaintiff Jimijack’s nor Plaintiff Nationstar’s complaints or Nationstar’s counter-claim against Jimijack. They also included a few of the orders from the prior case, but neither of the stipulations and orders Nationstar filed to voluntarily dismiss its claims. The significance of this is blatantly obvious – Chiesi and Quicken did not want the new court to notice that not only had my claims not been heard on their merits, nobody’s had been fairly adjudicated.

Outside the chain of title

My claim that Jimijack didn’t have an admissible deed was obviously not adjudicated. If it had been, the Jimijack to Joel Stokes deed would have been seen for what it was – outside the chain of title.

Further, if any assignment of interest that occurred after the GBH Trust’s interest was extinguished by the HOA sale, then any assignment of the Hansen deed of trust that occurred after the HOA sale extinguished the interest of the recorded owner on 8/15/14, then Nationstar would not have had any claim since the security instrument was extinguished by the sale. Nationstar dismissed all its claims without adjudication. Nationstar rescinded its one claim recorded two months after the sale and a month after Bank of America assigned its interest, if any, to Wells Fargo. Nationstar’s self-assignment, recorded a week after the end of discovery, was based on using a robo-signer, without a power of attorney to assign Wells Fargo’s non-existent interest to non-party Nationstar d/b/a Mr. Cooper is about as far outside of the chain of title as you can get.

If the Chiesi and Quicken were really the innocent third parties they claim to be, they would not have come into this case, hell-bent on blocking the Court from hearing my claims on their merits.

What would they lose if I won the title because Joel Stokes and Nationstar had lied to the court, to the title company, to Chiesi and to Quicken? Wouldn’t they just get paid off on the title insurance policy?

Doesn’t Quicken everybody required to get title insurance? Certainly, they wouldn’t go bare themselves.

Party Contact Information

24224 16TH PL SE BROTHELL WA 980211050 WOODWORD AVE DETROIT MI 48226-1906
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