Order granting $3,165 to Hong plus $290 court costs should be reconsidered

Conclusions of Law

Judge Johnson incorrectly concluded

Analysis of Hong’s revisionist history

1.”intervention action and claims”

Nona Tobin, was granted intervention by right per rule 24, in both her capacities as the trustee and a beneficiary of the Gordon B. Hansen Trust, on December 20, 2016. Mr Hong objected, but was overruled.

8/30/16 Jimijack opposition to Tobin/Hansen MINV resulted in denial of motion on procedural grounds

Mr. Hong did not write the order.

was present. None of Nona Tobin’s individual claims were ever heard as she was not named as an individual in Sun City Anthem’s partial motion for summary judgment on the single Gordon b. Hansen Trust’s cause of action of quiet title.

1.”intervention action and claims”

There were no evidntiary hearings

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