What happened to Nona Tobin’s Pro Se motions to intervene?

Nona Tobin & Steve Hansen’s motion to intervene into Nationstar vs. Opportunity Homes

7/29/16 Pro Se motion filed

8/30/16 Jimijack opposition to Tobin/Hansen MINV resulted in denial of the motion on procedural grounds

There was no p

9/9/16 Tobin Reply

9/29/16 video of hearing on Tobin/Hansen motion to intervene”

Nona Tobin motion to intervene

11/15/16 Pro Se motion was filed, identifying

Nona Tobin as an individual and Nona tobin as a trustee were identified as separate parties in each proposed pleading

9/29/16 hearing minutes

Mr. Hong did not write the order.

was present. None of Nona Tobin’s individual claims were ever heard as she was not named as an individual in Sun City Anthem’s partial motion for summary judgment on the single Gordon b. Hansen Trust’s cause of action of quiet title.

12/20/16 video of hearing when court granted the Tobin parties intervention by right

12/20/16 hearing minutes

Nona Tobin motion to intervene pre-entry of trial order in 2019 was never heard

Link to 6/17/19 motion to intervene
Link to 6/21/19 Tobin declaration in support of motion to intervene
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